The Gifts

We went out to someplace new that night
Sat with friends we had only met.
Friends with weathered skin and tattered souls
Drank in uncertainty from our pitcher of Dark Matter.
Toasted to something I remember nothing of 
With laughter that bounced off the funny art on the walls.

I was vaguely aware, that it didn't make much sense.
The stuff we talked about, like the sensibility of simplicity.
Ryan talked about the universe in his own delight
And remarked that he saw a thread of cosmos between us.
I remember laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes.
But nothing had ever made so much sense before that night!

Across many borders, in what they call a different city
Amidst an afternoon of endless chatter,
We walked past whatever was home to me.
The bookstore, puchka wallas, the shutdown movie theater,
To my surprise, everything I had to share with you
All that I had thought was my memory.

I always knew about directions, made plans and wrote things.
And yet, unwittingly I would give t…

Backyard Explorer

Since time unknown, from east to west, from dawn to dusk, from life to death, explorers have been roaming the earth, seeking out hidden treasures of the planet, uncovering gems of the past, marvels of the land, stories of the oceans. But hey, this is the 21st century, adventuring isn't a thing anymore as we sit at our computer desks and ponder about how to automate everything so that we don't need to move a muscle. Not very often do we get to say, come life, let's have a breath of fresh air together.

As for me, I'm always ridiculously wandering somewhere else in my head. In meetings, in hallways, in elevators, with my best poker face on, I'm just drifting on a candyfloss piece of cloud. The slightest chance I get to overcome the escape velocity, I get whisked away. Not to far away lands, but only to the undiscovered little corners around the city, rundown brick alleys, down sunny tree-lined pathways, towards the sparkling waterfront, on to the blue expanse of the …

Goings on

Sometimes I think time is passing by without me really getting a good grip of the happenings around me...I feel like I need to hold on to every precious second that makes me feel elated about something, or sad or well..generally evokes intense emotions that I want to hold on to. Just to feel like I'm living. Like now is happening, its real, in a way that I can't get it back. Like the laughter that rolls off while listening to crappy karaoke in the campus pub, or the frantic run to catch a bus towards an awaiting adventure, or the biting pain of having skin bruised by a thorny scrub, or the joy of staring up at a starry night sky, knowing that I'm going home to friends .... all those moments of elation, the twinges of jealousy, the agony of partings, the pride of accomplishments...they fill me up and I don't want to let go of them. Just not too soon.

A year...

And so a year has passed. Since the time I first came to Victoria, completely uninitiated and open to possibilities. Since the time I looked at everything around me and wondered if I would ever fit in here like a hand in a glove.  A year from then, and now here feels like home. The sun, the sidewalk, the trails, the coffee, the lab, the buses...everything that I have grown to know and recognize with a degree of familiarity and trust that only a home could have.

A Walk to Remember....

How can I describe it....a feeling of of exhilaration, wonderment, hope perhaps? A sense of tranquillity and at the same time a stirring, like a beam of light shining on the suspended imagination of my everyday being. How do I start to talk about what beautiful things I saw through my tired eyes , what delicate aromas filled the breeze that blew through my unkempt hair, how I heard the prettiest sounds that can break a silence. I try to talk about them, but can I hold those feelings that filled my veins for split seconds, hold them in the cup of my hand and pour them into the well of thoughts for other kindred souls to discover? Or should I just keep them hidden in a corner, cover them with a shadow, revel inwards with the ghost of a longing, a secret not revealed? Are they even of consequence to anyone but me?

But I have to hurry, before I drop those tiny pearls, and they spill out of my hands and disappear into the depths of the orange twilight outside. I can tell you that one of th…
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